• Looking for colleagues?
    Looking for colleagues?
    Can you imagine yourself living and working in one of the most attractive regions of southern Germany?
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  •  Explosion proof
    Explosion proof
    Full service partner for explosion-proof linear actuators and sensors.
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  • Hybrid Field
    Hybrid Field

    Energy-efficient solenoid solutions for battery-operated and mobile applications.

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  •  Solenoid tubes
    Solenoid tubes
    Your individual solenoid tube solution. Modular construction makes it economically attractive even for small batch sizes.
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  • Explosion proof solenoid air valves
    Explosion proof solenoid air valves
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  • Solenoid Control
    Solenoid Control

    Control to optimise switching behaviour for dynamically operated solenoids.

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  • Hannover Messe
    Hannover Messe

    Schienle Magnettechnik with new products and new look at the Hannover Messe 2013.

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