Schienle Magnettechnik with new look at the Hannover Messe 2013

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Schienle Magnettechnik with new look at the Hannover Messe 2013

For almost 15 years now, Schienle has been providing explosion proof solenoids. Now the company from Salem is presenting its new brand logo “World Wide ex-perience”.

At the same time, the new explosion proof brand logo “World Wide ex-perience” was the motto of Schienle’s appearance at the Hannover Messe 2013 this year, where the company exhibited its extensive explosion proof portfolio.

Exotic exhibits: Solenoid valve certificates from around the world
As visitors were able to experience at the well attended stand at the trade fair, Schienle not only has ATEX- and IECEx certificates, but also regional and application-specific certificates. A world map showed regionally required licenses, for example for mining or offshore applications. In our part of the world, these certificates are considered to be a rare breed. But in places where raw materials are mined on a large scale, they are an indispensable requirement for licensing solenoid valves.



Interesting news and product highlights

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Pressure-sealed Robust 37 solenoid

High ambient temperatures, strong vibrations, large voltage fluctuations: The pressure-sealed ROBUST 37 solenoid is a valve solenoid for hydraulic applications, which really comes into its own at the point at which conventional solenoid valves reach their limits. You will find further information on the pressure-sealed ROBUST 37 solenoid here

tmb betaetigungssystem modular

MODULAR 1.0 actuator system

Great variety, cost-effectiveness, availability: The MODULAR 1.0 actuator system is made up of a range of 19 mm pressure pipes, powerful field coils and a wide range of plug socket standards. The actuator system is particularly suitable for small to medium annual production figures. Individual customer requirements can be cost-effectively standardized with the modular system. You will find further information on the MODULAR 1.0 actuator system here.

tmb hubmagnet hybrid field

Hybrid Field solenoids

Holding power without electricity, bidirectional power stroke, springless anchor recovery force: At Schienle, Hybrid Field stands for the intelligent combination of permanent magnetic fields and the field of electrical coils. The functional versatility and power of Hybrid Field solenoids virtually make it the powerhouse among the solenoids. You will find further information on Hybrid Field solenoids here.

tmb hubmagnet static dynamic

Solenoid controller

Shorter response times, greater switch-on periods, more lifting power: the new lifting magnet controllers allow the properties of lifting magnets to be adapted even better to the respective application requirements. The visitors to the trade fair were able to see that with greater strength requirements, it often makes sense to use solenoid controllers instead of changing the design size of the solenoid. Solenoid controllers are available in a static and a dynamic design. You will find further information on lifting magnet controllers here.
pdf Solenoid controller Static
pdf Solenoid controller Dynamic

tmb pneumatikventil iecex anzex nec

IECEx, ANZEx, NEC 500/505/506 Pneumatic valves

With the new model range of pneumatic valves, Schienle is selectively concentrating on regional and user-specific certificates, apart from the international IECEx certificate they already have. At the Hannover Messe, Schienle presented the first Ex valves in Ex-d design according to IECEx, ANZEx, and NEC 500/505/506/505C. Additional types of valve will follow. You will find further information on the new pneumatic valve model range here.

tmb betaetigungssystem compact14

COMPACT 14 actuator system

The COMPACT 14 solenoid is not only pressure-sealed up to 350 bar, it also features an unusually compact design in relationship to its performance. The diameter of the 29 mm field coil is barely any bigger than the attachment flange with an M14x1 thread. You will find further information on the COMPACT 14 actuator system here.

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Twist-protected simple solenoid

The new twist-protected simple solenoid manages the 10 millimeter lift in only 20 milliseconds. The actuating movement characteristic curve is designed for short response times and a low impact pulse. The integrated spring ensures recovery within just 30 milliseconds. With its retention force of 30 N and its long service life, this single-acting solenoid is suitable for numerous applications in automation technology. You will find further information on the twist-protected single-acting solenoid here.