Economical – Hybrid magnetic field


Solenoid with hybrid field technology

Hybrid field technology stands for the intelligent combination of two fields of magnetic force. Depending on the stroke direction required, these fields will be effective in different plunger zones, thus creating an increase in force, in particular strong holding forces with low power requirements.

Compared to conventional solenoids, the new Hybrid Force 50 can offer either 20 % more force or require one-third less power for the same amount of plunger action, according to design.

Force without energy consumption or heat

Currentless holding forces fix the plunger in a monostable working position, so that a supply of energy is only required to change the switching state.

Variety of functions due to reversible stroke direction. The task of the usual return spring is taken on by the switchback function of the solenoid, meaning that there is more force available for carrying out the stroke work.

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