Solenoids - Single-acting solenoid


Solenoids are designed to work in either a drawing or pushing fashion. Return is usually carried out by external forces. We have the right solution for you for all kinds of applications. Careful design, precise manufacture and the use of maintenance-free precision bearings ensure that our solenoids have maximum reliability and a long operating life, even in extreme environments.

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Hubmagnet Controller Static

Time-controlled lowering of voltage to increase power-on time for solenoid solutions. Lowering the voltage reduces the holding force of the solenoid. It is necessary to check before use whether the remaining holding force is sufficient for the application.

Technical data:pdf Static Solenoid Control


Dynamic Solenoid Control
(only in combination with a Schienle solenoid)

Control to optimise switching behaviour for dynamically operated solenoids. Suitable for solenoid-operated solutions with an operating time of between 1 – 150 ms. During the first phase of plunger movement, the coil (depending on its Ohmic resistance) is accelerated with a pulsed current of max. 2.5 A.

Technical data:pdf Dynamic Solenoid Control


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